Spectra Body LASERwrap Kit

Spectra Laser Therapy

$ 1,595.00 

2 - A100 Impulse Laser Units, 1 - Pair 34" x 28" Body Pads, 1 - 32" Connector with Halter Strap, 4 - 40" Velcro/Elastic/Web Straps, 3 - 11" Elastic/Velcro Straps, 2 - Chargers and USB Cords, 1 - Duffel Bag, The Body LASERwrap kit is one kit with many solutions. The laser units are pre-programmed with two of the most common effective programs. The Body Pads are made of air mesh and polyester loop and attach with the included straps and connector pad. They are designed to hold the laser units securely and go all over the horses body. Treat hips, back, shoulders, and neck to be supple and relaxed. Improves performance and faster recovery from exercise and injuries.

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